Lancome Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer 04 Purple - Final Comments

Lady Or

04 Purple is the last one in line to be revealed and discussed!  Would like to take this as a summary post since the other ones were discussed in detail in previous posts.

These cushion correcting primers come sealed to ensure freshness.

Ready to reveal.  Picture is accurate in showing the product color.

This is a true purple.  Love at first sight.  Reminds me of Lavendar soft serve and Lavendar mousse cake.

Let's rub on a piece of white paper to show the true primer color.

On medium skin tone...

Lady Or has tested this product on hand and wore it on face.

Per Lancô, the primer is described to do the following:

  • Lightweight formula
  • Natural finish
  • Ultra-hydrating, light-reflecting, glowing
  • Cool the skin by 2.3 degree Celsius
  • Cushion format for on-the-go
  • Even out skin tone and reduce discoloration
  • Purple is specifically for brightening and skin lightening
  • Neutralize ashy complexion, get rid of yellowness.  Overall a fresh look.

Lady Or Testimony:

This primer meets the expectation.  Upon application, skin tone is immediately whitened with pearly finish.  Given the medium skin tone, which got elements of sallowness, the ashy look is completely gone.

Does Lady Or recommends this product:

Yes but only if you got at least fair to medium skin tone to see the effect.  Otherwise it is an ordinary primer than provides matte finish and cooling sensation, nothing more.

Final Comments:

Generally, the performance of these cushion color correcting prime is just average.  The creation of the primers in cushion form is a gimmick more than functional for the following reasons:

  • The sponge is too small to apply the primers like a foundation.  Only two fingers can be put into the sponge holder and sliding motion to apply the primer is impossible as there is no room to grab onto the sponge.  One can only dab.
  • After dabbing, one will have to spread using finger tips.
  • No matter how much one put on, the primer layer is thin which disallows smoothing with finger tips.
  • Upon face application, the primer dries up fast.
  • Whether one purchase pink, green or purple, there is no difference.  The finish is pearly.
  • Amount is too little (7g) but expensive when compared to traditional primers in tubes

In addition, cushion primers are like cushion foundations, the same sponge is to be used throughout the life of the product.  The cushion and the sponge is a bed for bacteria growth, but of course we would not see bacterial growth.  How is this possible? Could it be extra amount of preservative?

    Creating the primers in the form of cushions was probably to ride along the wave when many Luxury brands were adopting the popular Korean cushion foundation style. 

    Thank you for reading!

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