Lancôme Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer 02 Yellow

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Lancôme Paris Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer comes in 01 Green, 02 Yellow, 03 Pinky Beach  and 04 Purple.  All designed to correct different complexion issues.  01 Green review was previously discussed so let’s move onto 02 Yellow.

These cushion correcting primers come sealed to ensure freshness.

Ready to reveal.  Picture is accurate in showing the product color.

This yellow tone is very deep compared to other yellow tone primers in other luxury brands which tend to be light to a faint yellow.  If this blog post did not specify that this is a color correcting primer, one could easily be mistaken this to be a cushion foundation.

The yellow tone is deep or guess can call it rich?!  Let's rub on a piece of paper to show the true color.

Now on medium skin tone...


Lady Or has tested this product on hand and wore it on face.

Per Lancô, the primer is described to do the following:

  • Lightweight formula
  • Natural finish
  • Ultra-hydrating, light-reflecting, glowing
  • Cool the skin by 2.3 degree celsius
  • Cushion format for on-the-go
  • Unified and brighter complexion
  • Yellow is specifically for color correction for spots

Lady Or testimony:

It is lightweight and gives off a glowing finish.  Given my skin has some freckles and the yellow primer covers and camouflage the freckles very well.  The area where the primer was used no longer shows the freckles which we can interpret the freckles as brown spots since both types are brown right.  As long as the user doesn't have very fair skin, this primer would not give off a pastel finish.  The texture is semi-matte and not as hydrating as it claims to be.  Upon application, the cooling sensation felt great.  Note that this product is buildable but should be blend my hand on the face, as the sponge does not do the blending very well.  It always slip off the fingers due to the small size sponge.

Does Lady Or recommend giving this primer a try?

YES! Definitely, it performed as Lancô has described.  It blend in and hide the brown spots so well and brighten up a dull skin complexion.  The deep yellow did not add color to the skin.  In addition, it is medium price range in terms of luxury skin care standards.

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