Lancôme Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer 03 Pinky Peach

Lady Or

Lancôme Paris Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer comes in 01 Green, 02 Yellow, 03 Pinky Peach and 04 Purple. All designed to correct different complexion issues.  Time to discuss the third one in line: 03 Pinky Peach.

A very cute baby pink case.

These cushion correcting primers come sealed to ensure freshness.

Ready to reveal. Picture is accurate in showing the product color.

The primer appears to be beige in color with a hint of pink.  Without mentioning this is a primer, one could easily mistaken this to be a beige tone cushion foundation.

Let’s rub on a piece of white paper to show the true primer color.

On the sponge and piece of paper, the warm tone cools down but still not much pink elements to be found.

On medium tone skin...

Lady Or has tested this product on hand and wore it on face.

Per Lancô, the primer is described to do the following:

  • Lightweight formula
  • Natural finish
  • Ultra-hydrating, light-reflecting, glowing
  • Cool the skin by 2.3 degree Celsius
  • Cushion format for on-the-go
  • Corrects dullness and reduce discoloration
  • Pinky Peach is specifically for brighter and instant healthy rosy glow

Lady Or Testimony:

It is lightweight with a faint glow.  There was not a lot of expectation for this primer as soon as the seal was removed, because it is the most common primer color in cosmetics.  If one was to go out to get a regular primer before foundation, this is the pinkish pearly color one would get ie. Shiseido The Makeup Primer, Lancôme La Base Pro Hydro Glow etc.  Plus, the mentioned items come in tubes of 30ml and 20ml versus the primer is only 7g.  Not sure if the 7g includes the sponge or liquid only?!, so it is much more cost effective to use a regular primer.  The image shows the primer to be very pink but the actual product is not pink but beige.  Healthy glow could not be seen.

Does Lady Or recommend giving this primer a try?

No, not really.  As mentioned, the rosy glow effect cannot be seen, instead a very mild whitening effect.  Less expensive primers in tube format would give better results such as accompanying pore minimizing and lifting effects.  In addition, applying regular primers using fingers give off a much more smoother finish as mild heat on finger tips blend makeup well.  The sponge applicator cannot do the above as the sponge is too small and one can only do dabbing to apply the primer.  Dabbing does not provide a smooth finish, so smoothing the primer with fingers is inevitable.  As a result, why pay more for a smaller amount of product when a less costly but more effective alternative gives the same result.

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