Lancôme Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer 01 Green

Lady Or

Lancôme has created four cushion color correcting primers and they are among the only luxury brand using the Korean cushion foundation idea and transformed it into primers.  This is indeed very creative.

The four colors in the line are 01 Green, 02 Yellow, 03 Pinky Peach and 04 Purple.  Let’s start with the 01 Green first.

The design of the cases are pastel baby colors giving off a soft, gentle and feminine feel.

The cushion comes sealed to ensure moist and freshness.  Lady Or loves it when skincare and cosmetic products come sealed.

Ready to reveal.

The primer is very moist and cooling.  No fragranced smell. 


Let's rub on a piece of paper to show the true color.

On medium tone skin...

Lady Or has tested the product on hand and wear it on face.

Per Lancô, the 01 Green cushion is described to do the following:

  • Lightweight formula
  • Natural finish
  • Ultra-hydrating, light-reflecting, glowing
  • Cool the skin by 2.3 degree celsius
  • Cushion format for on-the-go
  • Beautiful bare skin
  • Correct discoloration
  • Green is complementary color of red so neutralize redness

Lady Or testimony:

It is lightweight and gives off a pearly finish.  Skin glows immediately.  Yes, it could be "beautiful bare skin" only if foundation follows.  Unless your skin tone is super fair, otherwise you will look like white pastel.  As seen on rubbing on a piece of paper, the color is faint and close to pearly white.  Lady Or’s skin tone is always lightly red and it neutralize the redness by its pearly white coverage instead of the green tone neutralization.  Most importantly, it did diminish the redness.  Texture is matte finish and not as hydrating as it claims to be.

One thing to note is Lady Or finds the pad too small.  Whether is for local application ie highlights or whole face application, the pad is too small to hold still and tend to fall off the fingers.  It is smaller than the pad for the actual Lancôme Miracle Cushion foundation.


Lady Or questions:

It is very cooling but do not know how to verify the skin is cooled by 2.3 degree Celsius?

Who needs to re-apply makeup primer on-the-go? Primer goes underneath right? Should the pad be larger then?

Does Lady Or recommend giving this primer a try?

YES! The cooling effect feels awesome.  Medium price range in terms of luxury skincare standard. It evens out the skin tone regardless of what the color discoloration the primer wants to correct.

Thank you for reading.






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