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Dior skincare never disappoints.  Dior shows what luxury skincare is meant to be: Comfortable, relaxation, gentle, immediate effect and smells great!

Back to discussion.  Dior Hydra Life Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask Apricot & Citrus Fruit is a phenomenal product. 

Box is not sealed, but the actual jar is manufacturer sealed on the inside.

Ready to reveal.

This product smells so fresh and so good one can never get enough.

Thick gel not watery means one can use it to massage.

 Beads are thick, large and sparingly in the jelly.

On skin...

It appears the mask contain a lot of beads but the feel is of little amount though.

Let dry for three minutes.  Dry up fast, but the jelly does not evaporate.

Rinse. No edit to lightning.  Skin did brighten up and looks so clear.  Hand smells great for hours.

Per for US, Hydra Life Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask is described to do the following:

  • Water-rich gel texture melts into the skin 
  • Scrub action from the apricot kernel that is gentle yet powerful
  • Minor peeling effect from the citrus extract
  • Skin is immediately fresh and naturally revitalized
  • Just fresh and radiant skin

Lady Or has tested the product on hand and used on the face of course.

Lady Or Testimony:

The pink jelly texture melts one's heart at first sight.  The aroma would send you to paradise.  It does not smell minty, but upon application onto the face, the cooling effect is so prominent that one would think it either has mint or camphor in it.  However, the key ingredients do not list any of that but just blueberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon and sugar maple extract.  The minty and cooling feel lingers for at least 30 minutes, it just feels great.  Citrus is known for their brightening effects thanks to Vitamin C and sugar at the same time calms and soothes the skin.

However the scrub is not powerful as one can see in the picture, the beads are too sparse to give a good exfoliation.  The exfoliation from this mask cannot replace a traditional facial scrub with lots of beads unless your skin is too sensitive for that.

After the rinsing, skin is immediately brightened and revived.  Fatigue signs are cancelled out.  It happened that this mask was used before a dinner party and someone asked Lady Or "did you get a professional makeup artist to do your makeup tonight, you look so great."  That's how powerful this mask is.

Does Lady Or recommend this product?

Yes. Period.

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